THE generic travel industry domain name dot travel is to be
launched this year after being given the go-ahead by online
governing body the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and

ICANN is leading the initiative to increase consumer trust
online, particularly when purchasing products and services on the
The dot travel domain aims to effectively act as the badge of trust
for online agencies, by creating a brand that consumers can trust
when purchasing travel online.

As travel-related spending online accounts for almost a third of
all web expenditure, the travel industry is one of the first
industries to be awarded its own domain.

US-based online firm Tralliance Corporation is the registry
organisation for the dot travel domain.
President and chief executive Ronald Andruff said he anticipates
“enormous interest and participation by the global travel and
tourism industry”.

“The dot travel domain will strengthen consumer confidence
in their travel purchases,” he said.
Andruff claimed the big online travel companies are interested in
adopting the new domain despite the massive amount of money they
have ploughed into advertising and marketing their existing