MIDCONSORT Travel Group is to cherry-pick its agent members on behalf of tour operators for increased commissions under a new targeted payment scheme.

The My Commissions initiative will be up and running within three months and will enable the consortium to negotiate better commission payments for top performing agents from individual operators.

Chief executive Charles Eftichiou said the move will put an end to operators attempting to strike improved deals direct with their best performing agents, bypassing the consortium’s head office.

He said the consortium is small enough to monitor its members’ detailed sales figures and spend the time negotiating increased commission deals on behalf of members with operators.

Eftichiou argued the larger consortia who make up buying group Triton would be unable to offer such a service because of the size of the membership.

“We are doing the cherry-picking for the tour operator. We know what our members are doing, so we can identify the ones who are selling more of one operator’s product than their rivals.

“Operators can try to cherry-pick consortium members but they have to guess at the agencies’ sales figures – we know.”

Eftichiou said agents not on higher commission levels are unlikely to complain about Midconsort’s decision to cherry-pick members because they were only doing small volumes for certain operators. “For two to five bookings a year they are only missing out on £20,” he added.