TRITON Travel Group bosses were due to meet 60 Mediterranean hoteliers today as part of the group’s strategy to build on dynamic packaging capability through Triton Search.

A lunch to host hoteliers kick-started the agent superpower’s inaugural conference in Tenerife, and is a signal of Triton’s plan to take more control of its 2,000 members’ product by decreasing reliance on tour operators.

Dynamic packaging system Triton Search, including Triton Rooms, was rolled out to members last week. Hoteliers will be educated on the system as the consortium attempts to strike deals to expand its content.

Triton director and Global chief executive Andrew Botterill said the consortium “has to take control of the content”.

He added: “It’s not all about us being a distribution unit for third parties. We’ve a responsibility to tell hoteliers what we’re doing and how they can participate ­ which means opportunities for direct deals.” It is likely Triton Travel Group will have similar talks with hoteliers elsewhere to increase direct relationships.

But Triton director and Advantage managing director John McEwan stressed Triton Search wouldn’t affect sales through preferred suppliers.

“It will only be a small part of what we do. Typically dynamic packaging has not come to the high street so it’s not a matter of taking business away from operators. We have to support our preferred suppliers.”

Since Triton was formed, it has renegotiated more than 150 commercial deals with suppliers and has dealt with the problems arising from Thomson’s commission cuts ­something the consortia would have struggled with individually.