doorstep challenge logo 100x100Travel agents’ UK short break sales could rise by 25%, earning them up to £1,000 extra in annual commission, if they promote local holidays.

That’s the message from Superbreak sales director Ian Mounser, who says the increase equates to one extra booking a month per agent, delivering between £500 and £1,000 in added commission a year.

Superbreak’s average commission payments across its UK product range are £45-£50 per booking based on average booking values of £200-£300.

“It’s not discounted and it costs agents relatively little to do these transactions – they are easy one-step bookings and all money is collected up front. But how aware are agents of this opportunity?” said Mounser.

The operator believes around half of all short break bookings taken in any one area are for locations within a two-hour drive – which it claims is a missed opportunity for agents.

“That element of the business is under achieved. By being proactive and aware of the opportunities agents can increase their short break sales by 25%,” said Mounser.

Part of the problem is that while many holidaymakers would not consider going to their travel agency to book certain breaks, such as a wedding anniversary nearby, they would do so for a weekend break to the capital, added Mounser.

“They still have that hurdle to get over. Agents have got to help themselves by promoting the fact they can also book that sort of break.

“Do they advertise local destinations in their windows? Do they make a point of targeting special occasions and using their database, for example if it’s Father’s Day?”

Mounser suggested agents choose half a dozen locations and hotels within two hours’ drive to promote effectively. “Agents can save local hotels into ‘favourites’ on their computers so they can automatically go to hotels’ homepages and get current deals.”

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  • 40% of Superbreak’s one-night London theatre break bookings are from agents within 50 miles of London
  • 45% of Superbreak’s breaks to York are taken by people living in Yorkshire
  • 60% of all Superbreak’s bookings by Scottish customers for UK breaks, excluding London, are for stays in Scotland
  • More than half of Superbreak’s breaks of three nights or less taken in Devon are booked by customers living in the West country
  • 20,000 customers have already booked short breaks to UK coastal resorts for this summer

Are you interested in selling UK short breaks?

Travel Weekly and Superbreak are looking for three agents to show how easy it is to sell breaks within a two-hour drive of your agency. Here’s how you can get involved in our Doorstep Challenge.