Silversea UK vice-president of sales and marketing Trudy Redfern with PSARA business development manager Andy HarmerLuxury operator Silversea Cruises has revealed its first world voyage saw UK travel agents earn more than $500,000 in commission.

Speaking at the launch of its World Cruise 2008 voyage last week UK vice-president of sales and marketing Trudy Redfern said 22% of guests on the cruise, which left Fort Lauderdale on January 16, were Brits spending an average of $54,000.

Next year Silver Shadow will again set sail from Fort Lauderdale on the operator’s second world cruise themed ‘Rhythms of the World’. It will call at 50 ports in 25countries over 110 days.

Redfern said the main change in 2008 from this year is the South Pacific leg, which has been removed from the world cruise and given its own section in the main brochure following its popularity this year, particularly with the UK.

“The South Pacific was the most popular gateway from the UK, we had a very long waiting list, 50 of whom were from the UK,” she said.

“When you see some of the cruise prices out there at less than £300, agents are making so much more in commission booking a world cruise with us.”