Advantage claims accommodation-only suppliers that have yet to adopt principal status could be forced to do so as its larger agents pledge to get behind the consortium’s sales policy.

Agencies such as Harry Weeks Travel are fully supporting the consortium’s policy to work solely with bed suppliers with principal status, according to managing director John McEwan.

Previously it has been difficult to control agents’ sales as many members bypassed head office to work direct with suppliers but increased awareness of consumer protection risks has persuaded members to back Advantage’s policy, said McEwan.

He added: “Since we declared the policy we found we were getting lots of support from more of our large members. We are confident we will soon be an “all principal” business.”

McEwan warned accommodation-only suppliers who have recently been struck off the consortium’s supplier list for not taking on principal status could suffer a drop in sales.

“It will increase pressure on those non-principal suppliers to respond. There is no question they lose business,” he said.

So far Holiday Brokers, and have failed to switch, with Holiday Brokers maintaining that the decision has not damaged business. Speculation continues that at least one is prepared to change if necessary.