Most UK visitor attraction websites are unsuitable for use by the disabled, a report by AbilityNet has revealed.

Testers considered how people with visual impairments, dyslexia or physical problems thatmake mouse-use difficult could navigate the sites.

Of the ten websites sampled, only gained a minimum accessibility rating from the national computing and disability charity.

Scotland’s fourth most popular tourist site gained four out of five stars after a major overhaul last year with accessibility in mind.

The remaining nine sites – including the Eden Project, the National Museum of Wales and Giant’s Causeway – were found to lack the features to enable disabled access. Edinburgh Castle, the Burns Heritage Centre and Kew Gardens were among those to gain just one star.

AbilityNet’s head of accessibility Robin Christopherson, himself blind, said: “The majority of Internet sites are inadvertently imposing a technological lock-out on those of us using non-standard solutions to access our computers.