Travel Weekly editor Sarah LongbottomAre you happy in your job? According to a Learn Direct survey, 40% of travel staff are not.

Travel Weekly has revealed that this figure is not definitive, based on the number of people questioned for the survey and from talking directly to agents.

But what does being happy in the workplace really mean? And does it mean different things for different people?

If you were asked whether you were dissatisfied at work, could you not answer yes – and no – on certain levels?

Low staffing levels and poor pay would make anyone feel downhearted, but is this the reality of a high-street travel agency or just a stereotype?

The winners of the Agent Excellence Awards at our Northern Travel Trade Ball last week would have a different story to tell. They are all proactive and enjoying reaping the rewards of their hard work and initiatives.


Not so dynamic

While I’m clinging on to the last remnants of summer, bookings for half term are well under way.

After a healthy summer, we can expect the trend to continue until the end of the year – and even through to next year, as many agents and operators have reported taking bookings for 2008.

Despite this sunny prospect, the industry cannot afford to rest on its laurels. The news this week that complaint levels linked to dynamically packaged holidays exceed complaints about traditional packages makes interesting reading.

Since most agents dynamically package holidays, they should be aware of the pitfalls of accommodation-only websites. Future Travel has accused these sites of providing inaccurate hotel descriptions and awarding over-ambitious star ratings.

Agents should take extra care when making accommodation-only bookings – especially as it is them, not the supplier, to whom the customer will return with a complaint.