Cruise Nation is to open a global TV studio as part of expansion plans.

The new studio will be used to create online content to help promote cruise holidays and its Swansea base as a cruise destination.

The specialist is looking to expand its 50-strong workforce with a further 30 people over the next 12-18 months.

Founder and managing director, Phil Evans, said: “[With] our new state of the art TV studio and walk-in retail centre for the public, we will be working closely with the local media talent in Wales and aim to have a global reach online but also on network television.”

Commercial director, Andrea Kendal, added: “There will be new TV content produced every month and will help educate people on the advantages of cruise holidays.

“There is still often a misconception that cruises are just for the elderly, when in fact millions of families choose cruise holidays as they cater for all ages.

“Recently we have seen a significant growth in sales for cruise packages that been adapted for travellers with disabilities or challenged backgrounds.

“The new TV studio will be a game changer for us and we are very proud to be operating globally and located in Swansea, which we see is a potential growth area and will expand rapidly over the next five to 10 years.”

Swansea Council has been working with the Welsh government and other local authorities to consider ways of promoting the city as a cruise destination.

Council chief executive, Phil Roberts, said: “We welcome the potential for this to raise the profile of the cruise industry generally and also the additional jobs that are being brought to the city by Cruise Nation.”