British visitor numbers to Thailand have dropped slightly in a period where the country recorded solid tourism growth.

Put down to uncertainty in the UK around Brexit and the snap general election and the knock-on effect of the weak pound, British visitor numbers for January to May 2017 were down 0.06% on a year ago.

In that period this year there were 432,086 travellers from the UK in Thailand, down from 434,431 in 2016.

The most recent figures, for the month of May, saw a reduction of 3.26% from the British market, down from 64,760 in May 2016 to 62,646 in May of this year.

Thailand overall saw a 3.2% rise in visitor numbers, with its main three source markets China, Malaysia and India.

Despite the fall in numbers, British tourists still spent more Thai Baht between January and April this year against 2016. Brits spent THB28,095,980,000 (average of approx. £1,850 per person) in the period, a 1.23% rise on 2016 spending.