‘The Power of You’ is to be the theme of this autumn’s Travel Network Group conference in Monaco.

Unnamed key note speakers have been selected on their ability to motivate, inspire and help members challenge old beliefs, habits and patterns that no longer serve them, and set them on a path for long term growth, according to chief executive Gary Lewis.

The theme of the event on November 19-21 reflects the mood of the independent travel group and how it feels about its 930 members.

Lewis said: “Over the past few years we have transformed our business from being product-led to becoming a member-centric business that is delivering a world-class service.

“We have put members at the heart of everything we do and in doing so have helped so many of them further develop their businesses, be that through helping members to think differently, change behaviour or become more operationally efficient.

“We have learnt so much through our membership of The Institute of Customer Service that we want to share with our members, and conference will be a great platform to achieve this.”

He added: “Our members constantly inspire us with their ability to trade through challenges, innovate and adapt to change.

“Our conference this year will be about how members can continue to realise their full potential.

“We will be showcasing members who we have worked with to help to reshape and reinvent their businesses and as a result are reaping the benefits.

“Our conference theme and the content will inspire members to think about how they can keep their customers at the centre of their businesses, further develop their teams and challenge business as usual.”


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