The Institute of Travel and Tourism is to limit the number of corporate partners attending next year’s conference in a bid to keep delegates numbers to 400.

There are four potential locations for next year’s event – Greece and three other Middle East destinations.

Delegate numbers at this year’s conference in Cyprus soared to 500 due to high demand and capacity.

However, based on member feedback, the ITT board has now decided to limit numbers to 400 next year to ensure the conference remains a high-quality networking event.

The decision means corporate conference partners will be limited to two delegates per company.

ITT chairman Steven Freudmann said: “We have had some criticism this year that there were large delegations from certain companies, particularly media companies, so we have taken a decision to limit the numbers. We want to maintain integrity and make networking better.”

He added: “We are determined to continue to attract the industry’s decision-makers.”

A decision on next year’s conference location will be announced at the President’s Dinner on September 22 at the Dorchester.