A webinar designed to help travel agents handle the loss of income from credit card surcharging has already had more than 300 views.

Reality Training produced a 15-minute webinar offering five ideas on how to replace the lost revenue that will arise from the ban on charging credit card fees, which comes into effect on January 13 2018.

Bob Morrell, who presents the webinar, said: “We know this is a big problem area for travel brands – the credit card fees have been an inconvenient reality for travellers for years, and this has been a useful revenue stream that companies have made something of, whilst legitimately maintaining these fees are beyond their control.

“Now this loophole will be closed and they’re looking for ways to replace the money. This webinar gives five strategies to engage with that will do this – yes – you may need to train your people at the same time – but if that results in replacing or even increasing these revenues with more profitable and worthwhile money, then why not do it?”

Reality Training are currently delivering a sales training roadshow for the Advantage Travel Partnership and working with several other travel companies on their pre-peaks strategies.

The webinar is still  available on request from Ann Harris, operations manager of Reality Training, at ann@realitytraining.com.