South London agency Travel Designers is to launch a VIC loyalty card for its Very Important Clients.

The A5 card will be distributed with tickets or confirmation for any booking, and is valid for a year.

It offers a range of benefits in return for booking, including discounts at other local businesses, and with Travel Designers’ partner operators, airlines and airport lounge providers.

Travel-relevant brands are also included in the offers, which will be updated every month, meaning VICs get money off items such as towels, luggage and children’s holiday clothing.

Nicholas Harding-McKay, director at Travel Designers, said: “It’s a way of saying thank you to people who are booking with us – and gets them back on our website. It also doesn’t cost us much.

“It’s a very simple idea, as is often the case with good marketing ideas.”

Harding-McKay said the scheme would not risk breaching new data protection laws because the companies are not capturing data.