Barrhead Travel has launched a new training portal with more than 150 training courses made available to its staff.

Agents working for the 70-shop multiple will have their own personal login to the portal, which offers bespoke training on subjects such as CRM, sales and customer service.

All training programmes will be in-line with each staff member’s personal development plans.

The new system, hosted by OTT and built in-house, was first used as a medium to train all staff across the business on GDPR regulations.

The portal combines classroom training and e-learning and is designed to make training more accessible to its agents across the UK, including shops south of the border and those who run their own businesses under the Brilliant Travel umbrella.

More courses are to be added on the portal which has been made to complement Barrhead’s training academy and third-party supplier training programmes its agents use.

Barrhead will pull reporting information to track performance and develop staff members.