Two Institute of Customer Service training days are being held this week for the Travel Network Group.

More than 55 members from across the Worldchoice, Travel Trust Association and Independent Travel Experts brands are registered to attend the events.

The consortium’s senior management team will be facilitating alongside training partner Accelerator Solutions.

The sessions take place today (Tuesday) at the Amba Hotel in London and tomorrow at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester, with further sessions planned for later in the year.

Travel Network Group CEO Gary Lewis said: “We made a commitment at our conference last November to run these sessions as part of our on-going strategy to share with members all we have learnt from our membership of the Institute of Customer Service.

“The one-day events will provide a comprehensive overview of how to approach excellence in customer service, covering a programme called ‘service sense’, an interactive programme tailored to enhance customer service performance.”

Lewis added: “Since becoming members of the Institute of Customer Service four years ago we have achieved phenomenal success, moving our annual feedback score from members from 76.1 to 87.5.  We are now in a great place to further share our learnings with our members through these training sessions.

“Independent travel agents are well-renowned for providing excellent customer service, which is why consumers continue to support their local agents.

“This training will help them polish their skills and give them new ideas around practices and processes that will enable them to measure their customer service more effectively.”

The key modules include:

• What ‘great service’ looks and feels like

• Who your customers are and what’s important to them

• Ensuring customer expectations are understood, met and sometimes exceeded

• The importance of values and how they link to service behaviours

• Tools and techniques that help deliver great service

• How to influence outcomes with effective communication skills

• Dealing with more difficult customer situations