The Advantage Travel Partnership has signed up 124 members to its Cruise Finder system in nearly eight months – and hopes to reach 200 over the next year.

The Advantage Cruise Finder allows agents and customers to quickly search for the “perfect” ocean cruise on in-store devices and Facebook pages for £100 per month.

Members of the independent agent group can host the Advantage Cruise Finder on their website and search for a cruise, using filters such as cruise line, ship and length of cruise.

Speaking at the Advantage Travel Partnership showcase event today, Brighton told around 70 delegates that Advantage has received interest from a further 80 members about hosting the Cruise Finder.

She said: “We think this is an amazing tool for our member and apparently they agree. We have 124 branches go live with Cruise Finder and a lot more interest from other members.

“Around 80 more have shown interest in taking on the system.”

Giving an update on Advantage’s approach to touring and adventure, Brighton said that the sector had received “a boost” in the last 12 months and was “definitely a growing market” for Advantage.

Last year, touring grew by 13% while this year the market is expected to increase by 7%,  according to Advantage.

The adventure market grew by 78% in 2017 but this year it is anticipated to swell by 34%.

Advantage has partnered with UK specialist Tour Hound to create Tour Finder system, which will replicate Cruise Finder.

The Tour Finder system became available on Advantage’s intranet two weeks ago.

Brighton confirmed Advantage members already had sign-ups for the new system, dedicated to the touring market.

Speaking to Travel Weekly after the morning session, she said: “There have been some tweaks [with Cruise Finder]. There have been some things with the usability, but most members have given it really strong feedback.

“It is the affordability which makes the difference.”