A total of 29 bodies have been recovered  from the Atlantic in the area which the Air France flight AF447 crashed.

Brazilian authorities have confirmed that 29 bodies have so far been found and dozens of pieces of wreckage have been picked up by search ships in the area.

A Brazilian navy ship pulled the tail fin of the aircraft from the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday. This could help search teams find the black boxes and find out what went wrong.

Reports claim the debris and bodies were found 700 miles north east of Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha islands. The bodies will be flown to Recife, a coastal city where a morgue has been set up to identify the remains.

The investigation into the crash is looking into the possibility of faulty speed sensors on the aircraft although investigators say it is too soon to say whether the sensors were a factor.

The Airbus A330 was carrying more than 228 people from Brazil to France and lost contact with air traffic control over the Atlantic. Five Britons, three Irish, 61 French, 58 Brazilians and 26 German have been confirmed as being on the flight.

Flight AF447 left Rio at 22:00 GMT on Sunday (May 31) and was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

Reports claim it could have been hit by bad weather. The aircraft did not send out a distress signal but regular automatic alerts for three minutes indicating a failure of all systems.

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