Whether you are dependent on your local airport for ­business or selling holidays to a beach resort, agents around the country face different challenges according to their locations.

This is no more obvious than when you look at the most easterly, westerly, northerly and southerly (central) agencies in the Great Britain, and see how they run their businesses.

While these agencies stand out because of their differences, there are certain themes that bind them together, and none more so than the ongoing recession they are all fighting.

Can-Am Travel owner Alan Hubbard believes speedy replies to enquiries stops customers shopping around, while Regent Holidays manager Russell Macgregor believes agents must focus on price.

St Ives Travel Agency owner Steve Murphy said focusing customers’ minds on the need to get away was important, while John Leask partner Peter Leask said: “Agents need to give a good service and hope customers come back when the market picks up.”

Edit: This feature originally claimed to cover the UK. Several readers have pointed out that it in fact covers Great Britain. The UK includes Northern Ireland, which of course extends further west than Cornwall.

Where are they?

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