Some operators have only become agent-friendly because of the recession and could “change their minds” again, according to Britaly Travel director Daniele Broccoli.

The ABTA board member said his agents had received more incentives, better commission and visits from sales reps than usual in the past six months. However, Broccoli warned that operators’ agent-friendly activities could be short-lived.

“Before the recession we had to change our whole business model and start dynamic packaging to compete with operators who undercut us,” he said.

“Now they have milked everything they can from the web and they have realised they still need agents. But where were they in the good days? I tell my staff to use the operators who have always supported us because the others could easily change their minds again.”

Broccoli has also said he would stand again for ABTA chairman, but admitted the successful candidate, Advantage chief executive John McEwan, is doing a good job.

He said: “John and I get on really well and he has come to visit me. He has done a really good job in his first few months and he is someone I can learn from. I would stand again sometime in the future.”