Some EU countries are calling for the European Union’s no-deal legislation to be more generous to the UK allowing planes to fly in and out of the EU post March 29.

Others also want British airlines to be able to offer connecting flights within the EU, according to the BBC.

The European Commission, which co-ordinates planning for no deal at a European level, has so far proposed “bare bones” arrangements on aviation in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

If the new rules are passed, it would allow UK airlines to fly in and out of the EU, from March 29 to December 31. The rules would also apply to British truckers to carry goods into the EU.

Some diplomats are also worried airlines will not be permitted to launch new routes or increase services because the number of flights would be capped at 2018 levels.

The issues were raised at a meeting of member states’ ambassadors in Brussels on Wednesday.

One country asked if the EU should consider more contingency measures to guarantee co-operation on security issues, such as the Schengen Information System.

But the European Commission is opposed to expanding the scope of the legislation, saying it would give the UK some of the benefits of membership of the single market.

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