A British Airways Boeing 747 painted in retro livery of predecessor BOAC landed at Heathrow today.

The aircraft was repainted with the livery which adorned the BOAC fleet between 1964 and 1974.

From the paint bay at Dublin airport, the BOAC 747 flew to Heathrow where it touched down this morning.

The arrival came just days after the 50thanniversary of the first flight of the Boeing jumbo jet.

The aircraft will resume service tomorrow (Tuesday) flying to New York JFK – the first route 747s flew in BOAC colours.

The BOAC livery will remain on the aircraft until it retires in 2023.

BA will have retired the majority of its 747 fleet by this time, replacing them with new long-haul aircraft including 18 Airbus A350s, 12 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, as well as another 26 short-haul aircraft.

Chairman and CEO Alex Cruz said: “The enormous interest we’ve had in this project demonstrates the attachment many people have to British Airways’ history.

“It’s something we are incredibly proud of, so in our centenary year it’s a pleasure to be celebrating our past while also looking to the future.

“We look forward to many more exciting moments like this as our other aircraft with heritage designs enter service.”