The Association of Independent Tour Operators Specialist Travel Agents (AITO STA) has launched a 10-point consumer promise inspired by Travel Weekly.

Speaking at the AITO STA domestic conference held today in Warwick, chairman Barry Moxley said the plan had been designed as a marketing statement to consumers, highlighting the knowledge, ability, care and attention the association’s agents lavish on their customers.

It will now be sent to all AITO STA members to be displayed in their shops and brought to the attention of customers.

He admitted the promise had been inspired by a wish list written last year by Travel Weekly columnist Simon Calder detailing the attributes needed to make his own perfect travel agent.

Moxley said: “A lot of AITO agents are already keeping the standards outlined but this allows them to show their customers what they do for them.

“There are other travel agents who don’t deliver this and there are direct sale operators who are trying to take our business from us. We need to demonstrate that we can do more than they can.

“The promise is a consumer-facing initiative designed to set us apart from other travel agents.

“The pledge that really stands out for me is our desire to care because our agents are really committed to their customers.”


The AITO Specialist Travel Agents Consumer Promise

  1. We understand our clients and find the right holiday for them
  2. We go ‘beyond Google’ to tell you more than you can find out on your own
  3. We do not just mindlessly book what you request but use our knowledge and experience to recommend what really is best for your needs
  4. We are creative and suggest alternatives if the first idea does not work for whatever reason
  5. We are independent and honest
  6. We are open with what we charge – in most cases there will be no extra charge for our services compared to doing it yourself
  7. We provide reassurance. Your money is safe with us
  8. We care
  9. We provide personal service in a self-service world
  10. We are happy to be of service. You can always expect a friendly welcome.