Travelport is launching a new service to help agents collect commission payments from hotels around the world.

The global distribution system provider has teamed up with recovery service Net Trans to give agents fully automated commission reporting and collection processing.

It claims the service should increase commission income and lower operating costs.

The Net Trans system also uses the Galileo and Worldspan systems to chase outstanding commission debts, on top of handling all hotel bookings for every brand and property around the world.

Chris Zando, the head of global partnerships and alliances for Travelport, said: “The Net Trans hotel commission service offers up to 40% increased commission for the average travel agent and is a complete outsourcing of the challenging area of hotel commission.

“We’re pleased to offer a solution that helps our agents save and make money, delivering improvement in revenue retention, cost reduction and improved business processes.”

Net Trans chief executive Martin Jorgensen added: “Net Trans will help Travelport agencies boost their hotel income.

“For time-strapped agents, a highly effective means of bringing in incremental revenue that requires almost no work on their part is a total win.

“We are delighted Travelport customers will soon appreciate this benefit as well.”