A ‘fly less’ campaign is being launched today as part of a climate change lobby of MPs.

A ‘pledge to fly less’ website has been created to enable people to sign up to support the initiative.

Sue Davidson, vice chair of campaign group Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (Cagne), is leading the House of Commons lobby.

She stopped flying more than two years ago concerned about the damage her leisure travel was doing to the planet as well as the noise it created over homes such as her own.

Cagne hopes the UK can mirror efforts in Sweden and Germany where ‘flying shame’ has taken hold and seen a cut in the number of people flying resulting in increases in rail travel.

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Davidson said: “In an ideal world we would all stop flying until aviation truly found a way not to be such a major threat to our planet, but as a start we are asking residents and businesses to think before they fly; pledge to fly less to reduce their own carbon footprint as we must become climate-smart travellers.”

Cagne chair Sally Pavey said: “It is not just about today, the noise or the pollution we suffer. It is about what future generations will have to deal with as well as other industries that are reducing their carbon footprint whilst aviation is unconstrained in growth thanks to the government policies of allowing expansion via the back door.”