Holiday Extras has merged its insurance and business-to-business sales arms to increase support for trade partners and sell its product range more effectively.

One team is now operating across both divisions to deal with trade partners. Its five account managers – now renamed partnership development managers – have been trained to sell across all the group’s products when dealing with retail partners.

The add-ons specialist has created the Holiday Extras Partnerships brand and logo to represent both divisions.

Head of partnerships Andrea Clayton said trade partners would now have one point of contact at the business rather than two, making it simpler to do business. Holiday Extras also hopes this will enable it to showcase its breath of product more effectively.

She said: “Everyone knows we sell parking but not everyone knows we sell insurance or hotels. This fits with our ethos of being a one-stop-shop. It means we can be much less restrictive about how we interact with potential partners.

“Account managers can now talk about XML feeds for example; before they would have had to field back to the technical team. From our partners’ point of view we are now more joined up and can sell across all our products.”

She added: “We recognise that retail distribution partners still represent a huge slice of our bookings because they can get to the customer first.”

Holiday Extras works with multiples, consortia and independent agents as well as with tour operators and airlines such as Easyjet.