St Lucia says it is ready to meet the demand for Covid-19 testing and processing.

The Caribbean island was responding to the UK government’s requirements of a negative pre-departure Covid-19 test for airline passengers.

For entry to England, PCR, LAMP and antigen tests are accepted, providing they meet the UK government’s stated standards.

PCR and antigen tests are available in St Lucia and meet these stated performance levels. However, it is the responsibility of the traveller to check this, according to the St Lucia Tourism Authority.

Visitors can obtain a Covid-19 test at 20 hotels or at local testing facilities, with test results returned within the 72-hour time frame.

Travellers can make an appointment for their test once they arrive on island or through a Covid-certified hotel.

Pricing varies based on location and the type of test administered.

Additional properties in St Lucia are expected to introduce free testing in the coming weeks.

The tourism authority said: “Restrictions may apply and visitors should check with their accommodation provider for details; select hotels are offering PCR tests to guests who meet qualifications.”

Inbound travellers do not need to take a test for a limited time until 4am on January 21 if they began journeys to from Antigua and Barbuda, St Lucia or Barbados.

The UK government closed all travel corridors on Monday to fight the risk of new Covid-19 variants after it moved to ban arrivals from 16 countries.