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Almost a quarter of people suffered at least one problem on their last holiday, according to a new poll.

Most travellers seem to accept things like poor customer service and flight delays rather than complain and seek redress.

The YouGov study of 2,048 people report found that of those who experienced a problem on their last holiday, more than half (58%) did not complain about it at the time or afterwards. 

Asked why they did not seek redress, nearly a third (30%) said it was too much effort to complain, while 23% thought they would not be listened to.

Of those surveyed, 19% were not sure they had grounds to complain, 12% did not want to be a nuisance, 11% did not know who to complain to and 4% didn’t know how to complain.

James Walker, founder of online complaint-resolution portal, which commissioned the study, said: “This summer our message to holidaymakers is simple – if your holiday was not what you expected, the service or accommodation was poor or you had travel problems, you should complain.

“All too often we just sit back and accept low levels of service and poor-quality holidays. We know that for many it’s just too much of an effort to complain.”

He recommends consumers use smartphone camera and video recorder as an ‘invaluable tool’ to film evidence if something goes wrong on holiday.