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Top travel-related priorities for the future have been outlined by Scottish agents ahead of parliamentary elections in the country in May.

A delegation from the Scottish Passenger Agents Association (SPAA) met with Scottish MPs and MSPs to spell out six key issues.

These were identified as:

  • 50% reduction in Air Passenger Duty

  • encouragement of direct and the protection of regional flights to and from Scotland

  • continued improvement of surface access to airports

  • continued investment in rail

  • protection of internal Scottish ‘lifeline’ air and ferry routes

  • external legislation from the UK and Europe

The SPAA is seeking the individual views of MPs and MSPs on these “vital issues”, prior to briefing its members in advance of polling day.

SPAA president, Alan Glen, said: “2016 is a hugely important year politically, not only for the whole UK with the impending EU Referendum, but also for Scotland – with the Holyrood election followed by the devolution of significant powers.

“We have already made clear our pragmatic view that APD must, as promised by the current government, be reduced by 50% in one step during the new Parliamentary term.

“While, of course, remaining politically neutral, we are committed to providing our members with as much relevant information as possible on the parties’ positions on APD and the other key issues, to inform their individual voting decisions.

“Our meeting was an important first step in that process.”