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Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Wanted: A couple and their two children would like a 10-night holiday to Malta in August staying in a hotel by the beach.
Budget: £6,500

Premier Travel
15 Bedford Street

I was greeted immediately by an extremely friendly, enthusiastic and efficient agent. After asking pertinent questions to establish my needs, she suggested a few options. The best recommendation was a trip with Sunspot, costing £4,860, staying at the Paradise Bay Resort Hotel.

As the agent had been to the resort, she had excellent knowledge. I was offered airport parking and travel insurance. The agent asked whether I would like to book the holiday there and then, before handing me a brochure, hand-written details of my holiday and a business card. All in all, I could find little wrong with this agency.

Thomas Cook
14 London Street

I was acknowledged as soon as I walked through the door. The agent seemed keen to find me a holiday and offered me a break with Mercury Direct, staying at the San Antonio Hotel and Spa, where she had been, for £4,638. I was also offered add-ons including excursions.

I would have preferred to have been offered more than a single option, and a brochure wouldn’t have gone amiss.

94 Castle Mall Shopping Centre

I was acknowledged immediately and, despite being given a first-hand review of the recommended resort – the San Antonio Hotel and Spa – I would have liked more details about the holiday. The holiday cost £4,183 with Thomson. I was also offered alternative options, as well as travel insurance.

The shop felt impersonal due to its size and the agent also failed to provide me with a business card.

All of the agencies performed very well, but the winning agent was particularly thorough and had great knowledge.

Winning agent
Denise Knight, travel consultant

I previously enjoyed working in travel for many years with Thomas Cook. I took a long break when my son was born and now I am delighted to be working part-time for an independent agent.

We have lovely, very knowledgeable staff and great customers. It is a very busy branch and I’m enjoying booking various destinations worldwide.