The number of passengers using Gatwick this summer is set to reach a record of 8 million, up 6.6% on last year.

The airport expects to handle 50% more passengers with children during the summer peak.

A record of 165,000 passengers are due on August 12 – the busiest single day this summer.

The busiest day for departures is predicted to be July 29 and August 21 for arrrivals.

Long haul destinations have seen a 19% rise in popularity with Orlando up 17% year-on-year, Tenerife 16%, Faro 13% and Barbados 7.5% year on year.

Top summer long haul destinations:

1. Orlando
2. Dubai
3. Toronto
4. Cancun
5. New York
6. Vancouver
7. Bridgetown
8. Las Vegas
9. Montego Bay
10. Calgary

Top short-haul destinations:

1. Barcelona
2. Malaga
3. Palma
4. Dublin
5. Faro
6. Alicante
7. Amsterdam
8. Madrid
9. Tenerife
10. Belfast

Terminals operations manager Wayne Tomlinson said: “All teams at the airport have been working hard ahead of summer to make our passengers’ time with us as fun and hassle free as possible.”