Not Just Travel has hosted its biggest ever event for people considering starting their own business as homeworking travel agents.

The group, which is made up of about 850 agents, welcomed nearly 300 people to its online event on Thursday.

It said those attending were both existing travel agents and people with no experience in the sector and reported a shortage of places at its training events in the next three months as a result of demand.

At the event, co-founders Paul Harrison and Steve Witt, explained how the industry works to potential new recruits who were able to meet existing travel consultants who started their business during the pandemic.

Not Just Travel is currently running a Money Back Challenge, whereby new recruits can earn their membership fees back if they meet certain sales targets. Some members who have achieved this target attended the event to meet potential franchisees.

The company said Harrison was “inundated” with calls and emails from people wanting to sign up “within seconds of the event finishing”.

He said: “The fact we had a record number of people attending our event, along with the demand from people wanting to immediately join us, shows eager people are to get trained up and businesses set up before the big travel rush comes.

“Interest comes from both experienced agents who are joining us from within the industry, as well as those who are new to travel and sales. Sharp-minded entrepreneurs are recognising the opportunity to be ready before the flood gates open as we start to travel again.”

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