Independent London agency Travel Matters has become the first in the travel sector to join the Net Zero Challenge – a digital platform for monitoring sustainability targets.

The platform offers the agency staff the ability to track 30 carbon-saving activities such as recycling, sustainable travel, energy saving and biodiversity quizzes.

The Net Zero Challenge, provided by sustainability specialist Jump, motivates employees to reduce their carbon emissions individually and as an organisation.

In return employees are awarded ‘Green Points’, which can go towards vouchers and charity donations for charities including Trees for Cities and the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Currently Travel Matters is topping the Net Zero Challenge leader board with almost 1,500 positive actions completed in the last month.

Travel Matters has a commitment to a net zero future at the heart of its business.

Maryna Shcherbakova, senior travel advisor at Travel Matters, said: “We’re finding the Net Zero Challenge is a great way to get our team engaged in sustainability, which for us as a travel business is really important.

“It’s a lot of fun; the app is really easy to use and one feature I really like is the leader boards as we want to be the best in our sector.”

Travel Matters is a supporter of the Future of Tourism coalition, as well as a member of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.

Karen Simmonds, founder of Travel Matters, added: “We accept that we need to cut our global carbon emissions, and believe travel has a key role to play: we want to make travel matter.

“By using the Net Zero Challenge we are as a team having a positive impact and reducing our carbon emissions; and by encouraging trade suppliers and our travel partners to make similar commitments, I am hopeful that the travel sector as a whole can respond to the need for urgent action and accelerate the transition towards a net zero carbon future.”