WHOsaid the Swiss were a boring old bunch with their cuckoo clocks and cheese?

Not Backchat who has seen the Swiss at their most whacky.

At Business Travel 2000 in Islington, London last week, a man dressed in white overalls, orange shades and sporting a slightly manic look was spotted next to the Swissair stand. Pinned to his front were all the Qualiflyer airlines and in his hand he had a golf ball.

“I will demonstrate the Swissair Fast Track service,” he said.

Likening Swissair First Class passengers to a golf ball, our odd friend proceeded to show us the airline’s latest hassle-free airport experience. Rolling the ball along various tubes, he triggered all aspects of the airport experience.

We were checked in smoothly after being advised there were no delays in our chauffeur-driven limousine, picked up our air miles, ushered into a lounge and escorted to a First Class seat. A bell then sounded to round off the show.

And being Swiss, it all went like clockwork.