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Letter of the week

A little loyalty goes a long way

T RAVEL Weekly’s story on British Airways Holidays’ sales analysis results was no surprise (Travel Weekly September 25).

A valued client of ours has now booked direct with BA Holidays twice because the deal he was offered could not be matched. He has been apologetic but when you’re spending £6,000 on a holiday featuring business-class upgrades you can’t let sentiment rule.

If there had been any money in it for us, he would have given us the business but he knew the discount offered exceeded our commission.

Given this is an all too common ploy fromtwo-faced tour operators, I no longer let it rile me. I do not doubt my client’s loyalty and know I am assured of his other, probably more lucrative, business.

I would say to Colin Whaley that product is not solely sold on margin but on agents’ perception of operator reliability and offering the right product for the client at a competitive price.

On this basis, he will no doubt be pleased to learn I have recently booked a client with BA Holidays. However, while I cannot promise him dozens of bookings, the brand does have our loyalty and merits four precious racking positions. A bit of loyalty in return wouldn’t go amiss.

Geoff Dykes, GJD Travel Associates, Manchester