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Title: Issue Date: 02/04/01
Author: Page Number: 2
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&#42 With airlines owning a stake, will delays go down?

&#42 The race is on for other airlines to jump on the BA bandwagon.

&#42 It’s going to take a long time to get visitors back to the countryside.

&#42 Despite the receding threat of strikes, will there be a delayed reaction?

&#42 Brought in to improve delays, the name and shame table has had no effect whatsoever. Let’s hope comments from a retailer’s customers will have a bigger impact.

&#42 Poor choice on the part of Cyprus airport workers to strike on the eve of theconference.

&#42 Who’s going to pay the VAT on service fees?

&#42 April should be a good month for cheaper flights.

&#42 The OFT is once again preparing to take on the might of the travel industry.