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Title: Issue Date: 23/04/01
Author: Page Number: 8
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Switch-selling has never been so easy

British Airways is never slow to bang on about the strength of its brand and the respect and trust it commands with the public.

Yet judging by the results of our survey, BA’s confidence would appear to be misplaced.

Despite claims to the contrary from the airline, agents are finding it relatively easy to switch-sell to other carriers in light of BA’s Fresh Approach.

This tells us that the public is not demanding to fly with the national flag carrier as much as BA would have us believe. This is provided that customers are offered a viable alternative.

Trust and respect for the brand remains, but only to a point. With no shortage of other carriers offering a decent product and operating on most routes, the days of BA or nothing are long gone.

As one agent put it this week: “BA is living in cloud cuckoo land if it thinks we can’t switch-sell.”

BA also hasn’t reckoned on customers’ loyalty towards independent agents. Once the no-commission policy is explained, many are reported to be happy to support their local agent and switch to another carrier.