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Title: Issue Date: 08/10/01
Author: Page Number: 17
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&#42 winner


414 Richmond Road



This was a medium-sized agency with stacks of brochures waiting to be racked at the doorway. The desks were a mass of paperwork and the office was bright and cheerful despite the slightly chaotic air. Two consultants were on duty. I was greeted by a friendly consultant. She picked up on my comment that we were interested in driving there and gave me Worldchoice Cities, Bridge City Breaks and Cresta Cities. She explained the travel options, outlining the option of going via Calais which had the merit of a short crossing and a longer drive or going via Ostend. She saw I was unclear as to the geography and got a map indicating the different routes. She talked about Hoverspeed and gave me a leaflet about it. She suggested my best option would be to pick out the hotels we were interested in then come back to get it priced up. I was definitely encouraged to return.

&#42 Agency appearance

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&#42 Agency appearance