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Connexions Worldwide is just not playing fair

Some people out there are willing to cash in on the terrible events of September 11 in the US.

I was due to fly out to the West Coast of the US with my husband and two friends at the end of last month with operator Connexions Worldwide, part of Titan. After the terrorist attack we thought we would hold on and see what happened.

Last week, when it became apparent things were still uncertain, we decided to cancel the trip.

Having booked the flights and hotel separately, I contacted Connexions Worldwide and wastold the cancellation charge would be 80%.

I asked the girl in reservations if she could check with someone a little higher up to see if there was anything that could be done because I was a travel agent.

They said I had signed the booking form accepting the conditions and that was what the charges were. My managing director got involved to see if he could pull any strings – we are talking £4,064 here.

The answer came back that as there were ground-handling agents involved it was difficult, but Connexions was prepared to refund 50% or let me change the date.

I decided to call the Hyatt Regency hotel to check what their cancellation policy was at this time.

I was told it wasn’t charging for cancellations. The hotel also said it had not heard of the handling agents used by Connexions Worldwide.

It was obvious Connexions wasn’t going to have any charges to pay to anyone. How can it justify taking money for nothing?

When times get better, travel agents will remember this sort of thing.

Jacki Donnison

Suncity Travel



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