Midconsort has come under threat for the
second time in less than a year following a recruitment offensive by
The 125-shop consortium was targeted by the Global
Travel Group last year(Travel Weekly June 10 2002) while rumours Advantage was
also seeking to
poach Midconsort
members were denied.

The fresh bid, in which members have been sent a
letter by Advantage agent
and recruitment
consultant Julian Foster weeks before Midconsort's annual
£700 subscription is due, has forced a counter-attack from Midconsort.
Chairman Neil Basnett has written to members
refuting Foster's claims of
better commercial
deals. He added: "Such an aggressive approach will have
the opposite effect by turning members against him. I'd be surprised if
lose any members to Advantage."
Foster has also written to 360 non-aligned agencies
but has yet to recruit
new members. He said
Advantage's deals were "infinitely superior" and
denied it was a case of sour grapes after Midconsort refused to take him
on in a similar role last year.