BMI has
followed flag carrier British Airways by cutting commission to 1%.

airline will make the change from January 1, as predicted in Travel Weekly
(September 1).

spokeswoman said: “This decision follows a period of consultation and
distribution strategy considerations with key industry partners.”

The move
is part of the carrier’s Blue Sky cost-cutting project.

Airlines has also dropped to 1%, the latest Oneworld carrier to do so.

airline said it will make the change from December 10, but denied it was
influenced by Oneworld partner BA. An official statement said: “The change to
commission levels reflects the fact that American Airlines operates in a highly
competitive market where it is not financially viable to sustain costs that
exceed those of its competitors.”

airlines said they wanted to maintain their relationship with the trade,
despite the cuts.

follows alliance partners BA, Iberia and Aer Lingus in cutting commission

Advantage director of business travel Norman Gage warned
airlines they could be accused of collusion.