Thomson is to introduce a new range of hi-tech selling
tools including interactive television windows with booking
facilities and plastic ‘brochures’.

Sales and marketing director Miles Morgan said Thomson hopes to
introduce new technology – recently developed by Hewlett
Packard at Oregon State University – in stores as soon as

The technology could mean an end to window display cards as
agency windows become giant interactive plasma TV screens, while
brochure racks could be replaced with downloading stations.

Morgan said: “It’s like a computer built into the window.
There could be a video in one corner, special offers along the
bottom and a bookable section in another area.”

He dismissed security fears about credit cards, comparing
booking a holiday through an agency window with using a

He added bookable windows would not result in dwindling trade

“By 2008, the market will be split between those who self-book
and those using agents. A lot of people still like to talk to a
travel agent.”