The Indian tourist office has hosted a group of
operators on a trip to Kashmir in an attempt to persuade the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office to change its advice against travel
to the region, writes Sarah Thomas.

The disputed territory at the north of India and Pakistan has been
subject to a ban by the FCO since at least 1996.

However, the Indian tourist office, Incredible India, claims the
advice should be softened and be more region-specific.

Nine operators visited for a week earlier this month including
Travelpack, Indus Travel and Himalayan Kingdom. Tourist office
director Vivek Angra said feedback had been

The operators met with the Indian acting high commissioner and
submitted a report which said they perceived the situation to be

Angra hoped the commissioner would now inform the FCO. “We
want the advice to be watered down and exclusive to certain places
so people can go there.”

The FCO said its advice was taken from several sources and it
strongly advised against travel.


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