FOR all you beautiful ladies, Morgan, the popular high-street shop, has a new addition to its fragrance family, ‘Morgan Love Love de toi’.

This light-hearted fragrance is a sweet mixture of fruity, floral and musky scents combined to create an alluring perfume that all women will love.

Using mouth-watering pink peppercorn, raspberry and green apple, soft pastel blossom and notes of musk and spicy morello cherries give it a youthful fragrance.

In shades of pink, ranging from hot fuchsia to nearly pastel, the bottle and box with its sparkling jewel and butterfly tattoo is a perfect reflection of the feminine world of Morgan.

And for an added incentive during its launch period this summer, those cheeky people at Morgan have hidden a voucher for a beautiful belly button piercing in every 1,000th bottle of 35ml eau de toilette spray costing just £15. The jewel is made from white gold, pink sapphires and diamonds with a retail value of more than £1,500.

Be lucky and if you do happen to come across a voucher, remember who told you about it in the first place.