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Module 6: Beaches (Installations, blue flags, access for disabled in the region)


Due to its exceptional climate and 466km of coastline the region has a consolidated product of quality beach holidays. They are either in mainstream well known resorts such as Benidorm but also in lesser known smaller resorts along the coast such as those in the Costa Blanca – for example Javea, Denia, Calpe, Altea.



General Information on Beaches

Common facilities available on most beaches thoughout the region include:-

  • Foot showers
  • Children’s play areas
  • First aid facilities
  • Hire of sunbeds, parasols, pedaloes etc
  • Water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, water ski etc
  • Volley ball/handball nets
  • Some beaches such as those in

Benidorm also has:-

  • Floating platforms in summer. These platforms, located a few metres out to sea, are a fun base to climb onto with slides for diving into the sea.
  • Benidorm`s beaches also offer the services of beach libraries, where guests can read the daily international papers and a selection of books and magazines in their own language all free of charge. The 3 beach libraries are on the Poniente, Levante and la Cala beaches and they have shaded areas to read in more comfort. Last year the service was used by approx 150,000 people.



Disabled facilities on beaches

Nearly 76 beaches in the Region of Valencia offer the necessary infrastructure to be used and enjoyed by people with reduced mobility.

Special facilities include reserved parking areas, access by means of ramps, walkways of a special width, enclosed shaded areas, cloakrooms and adapted services such as amphibian chairs and crutches. These crutches have special floating buoys to hold them up. The amphibian chairs and crutches allow disabled people to get right into  the sea and enjoy themselves whereas previously they may have been unable to.

The final objective of this initiative is that resorts in the Region of Valencia have the proper facilities and assisting personnel on their beaches to provide the whole population with access to beaches without any discrimination

The Valencia Region coastline is one of the very few all over the world with facilities and services adapted for any kind of disability or mobility problems which affect 9% of the population, and which in Europe alone represents over 37 million people.

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