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pennsylvania philadelphia skyline

Philadelphia skyline


pennsylvania map

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Where is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is in the North-east of the USA, with New York state to the North, New Jersey to the East, Ohio to the West and West Virginia and Maryland to the South.

At its North-west point is the shore of Lake Erie, one of the five ‘Great Lakes’ that straddle the US-Canada border, while its South-east point borders the state of Delaware.

The seven regions

PA is divided into seven regions:

  • Philadelphia and Countryside
  • PA Dutch Country
  • Central Mountains and Valleys
  • Pittsburgh and its Countryside
  • Northeastern Mountain Region
  • PA Wilds
  • PA Great Lakes Region

In this module we’ll explore the landscape, history and attractions that give each region its unique character. You’ll also get a chance to practice using the interactive map on the PA Regions homepage – an invaluable tool for getting to grips with the geography of the state.

Look at these sections of, then try answering the questions that follow.

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