Cosmos and Libra Holidays have ruled out following Thomson Holidays’ lead to cut commission payments to agents.

Major operators are locked in talks to renegotiate commission payments following a 7% based deal between Thomson and Thomas Cook.

But Cosmos and Libra claim they will maintain commission levels as long as they receive increased support from agents.

Cosmos sales director Andy Washington said agents must push the operator during the first three months of the year.

Libra Holidays sales and marketing director Paul Riches expected to benefit from a swing away from the major operators.

Triton director George Begg said: “There’s no reason why independent operators shouldn’t do well out of this.” Triton’s commercial negotiations finish next week.

Meanwhile, dynamic packaging players have reported increased interest from agents concerned about the impact of commission cuts on profits. chief executive Paul Evans said agents have realised they have to “accelerate their use of dynamic packaging”.

  • A Travel Weekly online poll has revealed 80% of those questioned wouldn’t push Thomson’s product following the cuts, with half saying they would de-rack the operator. One in 10 are considering quitting in the wake of the cuts.