Does your job match your star sign?

workplace - zodiac feature - stoneDoes your job match your star sign, or is it time for a change?

Read our horoscopes to find out…

Aries: March 21 to April 19

Aries’ energy means they are suited to competitive and entrepreneurial jobs. They work well on a commission basis, especially when sales incentives are offered. Being natural leaders, Aries people aren’t comfortable in subordinate roles, and their combustible nature means challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace. They like to change the rules along the way to keep things interesting, and they hate having to sit patiently in boring business meetings.

Ideal jobs in travel: promotions manager, long-haul travel consultant, public relations executive.

Taurus: April 20 to May 21

Careers that demonstrate plenty of stability are ideal for dependable Taureans. In exchange for a good salary, generous benefits, and plenty of vacation time, they will work all the hours necessary to get the job done – even if they are a bit slow to get going! They are easy to get along with, patient, practical and a good team player. Being notoriously strong-willed, Taureans need to have the rules laid down to avoid them running off in the wrong direction.

Ideal jobs in travel: tour guide, financial accountant, administration assistant.

Gemini: May 22 to June 20

Geminis need work that provides lots of intellectual stimulation. While not keen on overtime, they can achieve more in a working day than most people accomplish in a week and work well under pressure. They can talk twice as fast as anyone else and can come up with hundreds of new ideas in minutes. Communication is their forte and Geminis need to share their ideas to alleviate boredom. They are good at languages, love modern technology and can always be seen with the latest must-have gadget!

Ideal jobs in travel: multilingual reservations staff, customer service representative, specialist cruise agent.

Cancer: June 21 to July 22

Their high levels of perception give Cancers a considerable amount of executive ability. They are discreet, trustworthy and tactful, but because they work in a low-key manner, this can often be mistaken for apathy. In reality, they are getting a lot done. Cancers prefer a non-confrontational approach that protects them as well as those around them. They like to lead and, as long as they are happy with their duties, they will always be successful.

Ideal jobs in travel: human resources, captain of a cruise ship, manager of a multiple.

Leo: July 23 to Aug 22

Leos are incredibly creative, dynamic and inspirational, and are best suited to highprofile positions that give them status and prestige. This sun sign will always go that bit further to make themselves stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention. They are focused in their work, make excellent team leaders and are not afraid to take risks. Colleagues are often quick to seek out the Lion as a role model, since those signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that many seek.

Ideal jobs in travel: agency manager, marketing manager, travel and tourism lecturer.

Virgo: Aug 23 to Sept 22

Perfectionist and attentive tendencies give Virgos a flair for anticipating their customers’ needs. They have highly retentive minds and are good writers and critics. Virgos love to analyse things and can usually come up with solutions to problems. Being highly organised, members of this sign are forever realistic and will set practical, achievable goals for themselves and the others on their team. They always get things done, but are reluctant to take the credit.

Ideal jobs in travel: product manager/buyer, airline cabin crew, travel analyst.

Libra: Sept 23-Oct 22

Librans love dealing with the public and bringing people together. They exude wit and charm and make people feel at home. Being fair-minded, they will look at all sides of an issue, then make a careful and deliberate decision once they’re sure it’s the right one. Their aim is to get their job done as smoothly as possible. Librans have great networking skills, and if their job includes some form of socialising, then so much the better.

Ideal jobs in travel: telesales, independent manager, tailormade travel consultant.

Scorpio: Oct 23 to Nov 21

Being highly self-motivated and having the ability to focus completely on the tasks at hand, Scorpios thrive in jobs that require terrific concentration. They do not like to be monitored and so they need to be given as much independence as possible in the workplace. Scorpios know how to zero in on important tasks and goals. They are highly persuasive and, with an ability to effect change, they are natural leaders. They like to win and if a deal is within sight, they will strike.

Ideal jobs in travel: business travel agent, corporate account manager, fares and ticketing agent.

Sagittarius: Nov 22 to Dec 21

Sagittarians need plenty of challenges to fulfil their enthusiastic and optimistic desires. Being very physically and mentally active, the worst thing for Sagittarians is to be sitting at a desk all day carrying out repetitive and routine work. They are excellent team players, positive and optimistic, who can plot the course ahead and do wonders along the way. With lady luck always on their side, Sagittarians like to share fun and laughter with their colleagues.

Ideal jobs in travel: regional sales manager, resort manager, brochure planner.

Capricorn: Dec 22 to Jan 19

Capricorns need work that requires a lot of responsibility. They run a tight ship and will rarely remain in subordinate positions for long. Capricorns enjoy working hard and getting things done and their patience helps them persevere where others might give up. They value their image and are likely to expect their co-workers to look as respectable as they do themselves. Being highly organised, Capricorns usually know how to do the right thing and are happy to carry a heavy load.

Ideal jobs in travel: conference and incentive agent, conference organiser, account manager.

Aquarius: Jan 20 to Feb 18

Innovative and intellectual, Aquarians do not seek out conventional jobs. They enjoy putting their own unique twist on everything they do and need to be in positions that allow them to use their imagination. Being mentally quick, Aquarians enjoy a challenge and anything at a quick-fire pace. They are firm in their beliefs and are bound to get the job done. Never boring and always forward-thinking, Aquarians want to be able to continually push the envelope and can sometimes spend countless hours mulling over the possibilities for a project.

Ideal jobs in travel: airline pilot, boss of an airline, contractor.

Pisces: Feb 19 to March 20

Pisceans are the intuitive sign of the zodiac and have natural artistic tendencies. They work best when they can set their own schedules and can work in private away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment. Dreamy Pisceans aren’t as practical as others, but prefer to do what feels good and right. Serving and helping others is their raison d’être and they enjoy sharing their empathy along the way.

Ideal jobs in travel: homeworker, entrepreneur, independent travel agent.


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