IT was the day before my own wedding this summer when I really began to wish we had eloped.

A previously unknown cousin suddenly had to be accommodated, my text inbox was flooded with messages from fussy eaters with various sudden food ‘intolerances’ and there was no-one around to help – everyone, it seemed, had swanned off to the spa for the day.

At that moment, while pouring myself a stiff drink, I would have happily swapped it all for the services of a wedding co-ordinator and an escape to a Caribbean beach.

In the end, my big day was perfect, but removing the stress of organising a wedding is one of the biggest selling points of marrying abroad.

And even if the couple is marrying in the UK, thank goodness for the honeymoon; two precious weeks of rest and relaxation were much needed by the time we boarded our fl ight to Greece.

In this guide you’ll find a whopping 11-page honeymoon hotel special. Take it all in and you’ll never be stuck for ideas and inspiration for happy couples – whether they want to chill on a boat in the Maldives or trek through the jungle in Latin America.

Of course, when booking a wedding abroad, an agent’s commission isn’t for nothing – on page six find out how retailers cope when the bride, groom and mother-in-law’s demands stretch their patience to the limit.

And if you’re still not sure where to start, check out our suggested six-month business plan on page 22 for ideas on how to kick-start sales. Then you won’t think twice about saying ‘I do’ the next time someone asks you whether you sell weddings and honeymoons.

Emily Ashwell
Deputy features editor, Travel Weekly


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