How many holidays do you take a year?
I try to take two separate weeks and a couple of long weekends. Last year we went to Florence and Lake Garda and loved both. I also took a short break to the Lomond National Park in Scotland for a bit of fresh air and walking.

Do you book your holiday online or with a travel agent?
I generally book online. I fly with EasyJet quite a bit from Luton, especially when I go to Geneva to see my twin sister Kate, who lives in Chamonix. I find Expedia really good for tying in hotels and flights.

Your best holiday and why?
My first time in Ibiza 10 years ago. Sitting on Salinas beach, reading and soaking up the Balearic sun. Then eating in Ibiza Town before heading to El Divino by boat for a funky Hed Kandi night out.

Where do you most want to go?
I would love to explore South Africa, starting with a nice chilled week in Cape Town, and then go on safari.

Typical day on holiday?
In Scotland, I love walking by Loch Lomond or up Ben Lomond. It’s really satisfying taking in all the views and fresh highland air. In Ibiza, I normally chill out by the sea or pool. I eat seafood and drink sangria in the evening then boogie until the early hours.

Best holiday companion?
My girlfriend Stephanie, who likes the things and places I like which is very handy. She’s always so relaxed about everything, which is good.

Worst holiday experience?
It would probably have to be Tenerife about 10 years ago. The place we were staying in was noisy, dirty and the food was repulsive. The weather was rubbish, even in May. I had a blazing row with the girl I went with. She went a bit loopy when she was drunk and went home the next day.

Toby Anstis is a radio DJ with Heart 106.2 FM